About Us

About Us

Hello my name is Lilian Zacharia and I am the founder of
The People Catalyst.

I am an accredited Workplace and Family Mediator with an extensive background in management.

My Story

My interest in conflict resolution started at a young age around 9 years old! – On a trip abroad, I witnessed a land dispute between a group of people. 

I was most impressed, perhaps more relieved at that age, with the fact that the people involved in the dispute, who had raised voices and screwed up faces and were quite excitable, had eventually left shaking hands without coming to blows, thanks to the facilitative skills of the village elders.

Little did I know then, that in the course of my life I would be involved in conflicts of my own and would gain a deep interest is helping others to overcome theirs.

Twenty six years later, in my role as a senior manager of an organisation going through tremendous change, I experienced first hand the benefits of working in an environment where people matter and are made to feel valued. Using my facilitative skills I was able to assist my teams spread across 7 London Boroughs to adapt to the new working environment they had to make.

A few years later I was involved in a major project to improve attendance management and found there was a high level of perceived bullying harassment and discrimination. Although I felt confident in dealing with these cases, I wanted to ensure that I had the supporting qualification to Mediate. 

I became an Accredited Workplace Mediator in 2005 and as a result I initiated developed and implemented an in-house mediation service.

 In 2007 I completed a Diploma in Mediation this was a more in-depth course based on live cases rather than the industry norm of role-plays. 

In 2012 I became an accredited Family Mediator, which enabled me to undertake supervision sessions in family contact centres.

I also have enhanced DBS and Security clearance.

Over the years I have mediated cases for both the public and private sector organisations, including Government Departments, Housing Associations, Schools, Universities, IT Companies, Breweries, etc. I have also mentored newly appointed workplace mediators.

In 2007 I was caught up the July 7th bombings. This experience triggered a rollercoaster of emotions in me including anger, sadness, an awareness of my vulnerability and survivor’s guilt. I undertook extensive further studies to understand these emotions and as a result, managed to resolve them within myself.

Since then, I’ve worked  with many individuals who themselves have suffered traumatic experiences and helped them overcome their internal conflicts and negative emotions. I have also been very privileged to be involved in working with both serving and ex-service personnel assisting them to overcome the effects of Post Traumatic Stress.

I absolutely love what I do in terms of my work and in my spare time I have embarked on learning to sing!

I also work with a select group of associates so that we can tailor our services to match your requirements.

My promises to you

If you'd like to discuss your situation, or would like to find out more, please get in touch: