Conflict Resolver Awareness Skills

Conflict Resolver Awareness Skills

(1 - day)

Who is this for?

For individuals who are curious to explore whether their current approach of dealing with conflicts is supporting them or causing further issues.

What is this course about?

Before we attempt to resolve 3rd party conflicts, it is important to understand our own approach to conflict resolution and to be willing to consider what we could do even better to support the process.

Delegates will gain an increased awareness of their own style and approach to conflict situations. They will consider how their own behaviour may impact on the outcome, by looking at what elements support them and which may sabotage their conflict skills.

What is covered?

The benefits of attending

How is this course delivered?

Throughout the day there will be the opportunity for discussion and participation in a structured yet relaxed environment.

This course can be delivered on-site, off-site, our training centre, or online.

What is the cost?

£325.00 pp (minimum 4) *Venue costs may apply

To book, please call: +44 (0) 208 0045802