Mediation Case Studies

Mediation Case Studies

The People Catalyst have many examples of successful mediations which have not only prevented grievances being pursued but have minimised the risk of potential long term sick absence and had a positive impact on team morale

We have included a few brief overview case studies and testimonials for you to view.

The case studies listed are real,  however they remain anonymous to respect the confidentiality of the organisation and parties involved.

Case Study 1

Issues for party A (in their own words) Issues for party B (in their own words)
Misunderstood by manager Believes Party A is disorganised
Felt unsupported by line manager Is continually having problems both at work and in their personal life
Believes this may be due to cultural differences Demands too much of their time
Felt they are being told off every time their manager speaks to them Feels undermined by Party A as Party B is aware that Party A has been speaking about them with colleagues
Was bullied in the past by a previous manager and does not want the experience repeated Party A has too many personal phone calls and is conducting private business interests during working hours
Testimonials following on from the mediation:

" This process has helped change my attitude about work and my boss. I feel like the environment has become a safe place for me to work. That was not the way it was for me before. Lilian is outstanding at her job and it was a wonderful experience for me. It was a tense situation that was diffused and made to be very positive. There has been a change in my relationships in my office. Thank you for this experience."

- Party A – Leeds

" Mediation is an excellent way of resolving personality clashes and communication breakdown. "

– Party B – Leeds

Case Study 2

Issues for party A (in their own words) Issues for party B (in their own words)
Unvalued by party B Party A is under performing
Picked on Being tested by Party A all the time
Undermined in front of others Feels undermined
Did not want to come to work due to fear Is misunderstood by Party A
Testimonials following on from the mediation:

" I wish we had entered into mediation sooner. Thank you. "

- Party A – London

" It was a good meeting. I was so relaxed in Lilian’s presence, because she listened to what I had to say effectively and efficiently to clarify where I was coming from and going to before the joint mediation. I would say she is a very good mediator. Thanks. "

– Party B – London

Case Study 3

Issues for party A (in their own words)Issues for party B (in their own words)
Felt bullied by Party BParty A always eavesdrops on her personal conversations
Offended by language used by Party BParty A is always taking personal phone calls
Offended by sexist jokes told by Party BParty A is not managed effectively
Anxious about Party B’s unpredictable behaviourWants Party A to leave them alone
Testimonials following on from the mediation:

" I would like to say that I felt that the sessions were handled very well. It will allow myself and X to go forward in a positive way. "

- Party A – London

" Was not looking forward to joint mediation meeting, however although tough at times I feel we have closed a bad chapter and started a fresh page with a clearer appreciation of each other. "

– Party B – London
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