Mediation Model

Mediation Models

We use the following Mediation Models

– Facilitative

– Solution Focused

– Shuttle  Mediation

– Caucus Mediation


Mediation is flexible and can be tailored to the specific circumstances that best suit the parties.

Facilitative Mediation:

Is the most common model of mediation used in the England and Wales.

The mediator structures the mediation process to assist the parties in reaching a mutually agreeable resolution. The facilitative mediator does not make recommendations to the parties or give their own opinions. The mediator is in charge of the process, while the parties are in charge of the outcome.

Solution Focused Mediation:

We at The People Catalyst recognise that occasionally parties may need a little more assistance to reach a mutually agreeable solution to address this need we offer Solution Focused Mediation.
This approach is used where parties are eager to reach a mutually acceptable agreement and move forward but are unable to. Once the mediator has listened to all the parties concerned and with their consent the mediator will offer suggestions for parties to consider which are based around the needs of the parties. Any agreements reached are made solely by the parties the mediator does not make judgement or impose any agreements. This method of mediation remains true to the spirit of mediation.

Shuttle Mediation:

The mediator moves between parties relaying the views of each party to the other party. This is the process adapted where parties are geographically dispersed and is not convenient to meet face to face, or where parties refuse to sit in the same room with each other; or in certain cases where it is more effective to do so. The mediator will in most cases although not all aim is to bring the parties together eventually.

Caucus Mediation:

Each party has a legal representative and the Mediator moves between parties relaying the views of each party and their legal representative in turn. This method of mediation is more commonly used in Civil and Commercial disputes.

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