What Others Say About Lilian

I have known Lilian for nearly 2 years now and in that time I have gained a healthy respect for her and her company.

She is highly professional in all that she does and she will get results for you.

I highly recommend this lady and her company.
Martin Wyvill, Owner​
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As a senior manager within HR Lilian demonstrated her outstanding abilities to deal with difficult circumstances and win people over.

She established herself as a trusted confidant and a successful coach and mentor to staff and managers alike.

Her ability to challenge in a non-confrontational manner meant that she was able to deliver results that met the needs of both the individual and the business.
Norman Foster MBE
FCIH Deputy Chief Executive
Lilian is a Conflict Resolution Specialist and a qualified Workplace and Family Mediator.

She draws on her extensive background in Management to regularly deliver training and coach managers on their conflict management skills.

Everyone who meets Lilian is blown away by her easy way of discussing difficult subjects in a relaxed and inclusive way.

She has such an innate talent of getting to the root of any issue, knowing which buttons to press at just the right time!
Jane Hirst
Lilian played a pivotal role in the success of the 'Transform Programme' which involved the formal transfer of residual operational functions and some of the staff to a larger Government department.

Lilian coached and counselled those staff that had particular difficulty in making career decisions and adapting to the changes.

Lilian's facilitative skills and integrity promoted a safe environment for staff to explore and develop the options available to them and to make the necessary adjustments on a personal level to aid their transition to the department or new career path.
Patrick Boyle
Chief Executive
As a consultant on the absence management programme she was exceptionally good.

I am confident that the programme would not have been so successful without Lilian working at the heart of the project and ensuring that those making the decisions, were able to do so from a position of strength, with regard to a broader understanding of the issues that faced the staff in question.

In 2 cases in particular her intervention retained highly skilled individuals for the organisation who, in other circumstances, could have been lost with a consequence loss of knowledge and a requirement to recruit and train replacements.
Mark Richards
HR Director
At a time of major organisational change Lilian proved herself to be an outstanding Senior Operational Manager.

With responsibility for operations across 7 London Boroughs, she delivered significant office rationalisation, reduced staffing levels and immediate substantial performance improvement.

She achieved this through her personal credibility and integrity, by successfully influencing staff to embrace change and through her strong motivational skills.

Lilian has the skills, flexibility and commitment to perform in any senior management role.
Steve Williams
former Chief Executive, The Rent Service, Agency, and Business Services Director Highways Agency
Lilian is a skilled professional mediator, and introduced the idea of formal mediation to our organisation.

Previously we were spending significant amounts of time and money on disciplinary and tribunal cases.

Lilian’s introduction of our mediation policy has resolved many of our issues much earlier, so the investment has paid for itself many times over.

The people who take part, also report much more positive outcomes than we often find with ‘traditional’ win/lose conflict resolution.

Lilian is pragmatic rather than ‘fluffy’, and her practical business approach was instrumental in selling mediation throughout the agency.

She makes sure directors, managers, HR professionals, staff and their representatives who are involved in the process feel fully supported throughout.

I recommend her services without hesitation.
Neil Prosser
Lilian opened my eyes to the amazing value and benefit of conflict resolution to organisations.

Her vast expertise and knowledge in this area, coupled with exactly the right balance of regard for the individual and courage to challenge, makes her so good at what she does.

Rather than jumping to tribunals and very costly payoff's, organisations should invest in Lilian's skills and see the return on investment for themselves.

I should also finish by adding that Lilian is one of the friendliest and most genuine people I know.

So even if you only think you may need her skills, just pick up the phone and chat to her, you won't regret it!
Una McGarvie
MindSight UK
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