Each time we communicate there is the potential for fallout, misunderstanding and conflict, even when it is not our intention. 

There is much statistical data out there quoting both the cost of conflict and the impact on morale and productivity, to name but a few. 

You don’t need an expert to tell you,  ‘Negative Conflict’ in business and the workplace is unproductive and unnecessary.

Listed below are courses which will support you to gain an even deeper understanding of workplace conflicts and to develop and enhance your skills to create strategies that will support you and your workplace.

1. Introductory to Mediation and Informal Resolution


A complimentary, 90-minute overview for anyone interested in learning more about mediation and informal resolution

2. Conflict Resolver Awareness Skills


For individuals who are curious to explore whether their current approach of dealing with conflicts is supporting them or causing further issues.

3. Conflict Resolution and Mediation Skills Workshop

(2 - days)

A two-day workshop for Managers, HR professionals, union officers, respect at work, inclusion officers and those wishing to enhance their skills in dealing with sensitive matters.

4. Mediation Certification

Coming soon ..

In addition ..

we can offer practical sessions, tailored around your organisation’s specific needs.

Firstly we listen to you, we look at your processes to identify what you currently do and don’t do and then we give advice and can make suggestions of a best-fit solution always keeping in mind what feels right for you. By working this way we are in a position to assist you to fill in the gaps to satisfy your needs and to achieve your goals.

The focus is on developing the skills and performance of your people and adding value in a business context, in the most cost effective way that suits your business. Sessions can be delivered in 2-hour chunks, ½ days, or full days.

The style of our events will be challenging, interesting, relevant, memorable and immediately usable.

Feel free to get in touch, using the Contact page or call us on:   +44 (0)208 004 5802

Training Feedback

" Excellent trainer, very informative. Thank you. "

- Paul

" The content was very interesting and engaging. It made me look at myself outside the box and made me realise how I am perceived by other people. I really enjoyed this course. I look forward to putting a plan together. "

– Anon feedback form

" Lilian is very professional and a lovely person inside out, a pleasure listening to her and learning from her, very inspiring"

- Sara

" Lilian was very good at delivering the programme and explaining what coaching is and how to coach. "

– Anon feedback form

" Learned new things and given the information I needed to achieve my goals. "

- Kane

" Lilian is an excellent trainer. "

- Carl
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